4-Hers attend chicken BBQ workshop

Updated: April 5, 2018

Special to the Little River News

The Little River County Cooperative Extension Service held a 4-H Chicken Barbeque Workshop on Monday, March 12, at the Little River County Fair Grounds in Foreman. The purpose of the workshop, taught by 4-H Leader Jamie Cowan and his daughter Kelli, was to prepare 4-H’ers for the annual Broiler BBQ Contest.

Eighteen 4-Hers were taught how to successfully grill chicken from start to finish. Kelli Cowan showed the participants, step-by-step, how to arrange the charcoal in the grills, how to carefully add the lighter fluid, how long to wait before lighting the charcoal and when and how to spread out the coals to allow their grill to heat evenly. Once their grill was good and hot, each participant picked up their chicken, which was donated by Pilgrim’s in De Queen.

Jamie Cowan took over at this point to teach participants how to place the chicken on the grill, when to turn it over, how to control their fire, and how to check the meat for doneness. Each 4-Her brought his/her own secret sauces and/or seasonings to season their birds to their liking. After the chickens were cooked, 4-H’ers were able to take them home to share with family members.

The county 4-H BBQ Contest was held on Thursday, March 29. Winners of the county BBQ contest will compete in the Ouachita District contest May 3 in Arkadelphia and the top two winners of that district will compete with other district winners at the state contest in Rogers.

4-Hers make sure their chicken is seasoned to perfection.

4-Hers learn how to check their chicken for correct doneness.

4-Her prepares her grill for broiler BBQ workshop.

4-Her Mary Vermeer uses the correct technique to start the charcoal fire prior to cooking her chicken.

4-H Leader Jamie Cowan teaches correct Broiler BBQ techniques to prepare 4-Hers for competition.