AHS students participate in the MASH Program

Updated: August 3, 2018

By Ronda Pounds

ASD Public Relations Coordinator

Ashdown High School students Kaylee Silva and Bradee McKean participated in the Medical Applications of Science for Health (MASH) Program June 11-22. The program is held for two weeks in the summer for the student to learn about health careers. Students shadow health professionals and attend workshops that enhance their experience in the healthcare field.

Amy Silva, AHS Health Science Technology Instructor said, “many Arkansas’ brightest students have participated in MASH which provided the catalyst needed to spur them on toward a health profession.”

UAMS MASH students learn CPR, first aid, how to apply a cast, dissections, terminology and lots more. The program is sponsored state-wide by UAMS and Arkansas Farm Bureau and is open for current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and one science/one math class with a “B” average along with teacher and counselor recommendations. Usually, over 100 students apply, but only around 20 or less are accepted into the local program.

Kaylee Silva said about the program, “Through the MASH Program, I had a first-hand opportunity to observe and participate in hands-on activities with a number of local healthcare providers. Overall the experience was eye-opening as I found many new things that interested me. I was given the chance to meet and speak with many who could be assets to me in the future when finding a job! We explored many areas of the medical field through different activities. We would have an average of about 5 different things to learn each day! Some of my favorite activities were: suturing a pig’s foot, dissecting a heart, and casting. The OTA Program at Cossatot had a really neat and interactive presentation, and I really enjoyed sitting in on some therapy sessions at Cornerstone. I had the best time and I made some lifelong friends, I will definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to be in the medical field!”

According to Bradee McKean, “I was honored to be chosen to participate in the MASH Program at UAMS, and the experience was nothing short of amazing! Being able to go “behind the scenes” of so many different medical careers as well as getting to learn and practice skills that each of those jobs demand every day was incredibly neat! I highly recommend MASH to anyone who is thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field, it was definitely an eye-opener to the vast array of options out there! Plus, it’s TONS of fun and you make a lot of great friends!!

Bradee McKean and Kaylee Silva

Kaylee Silva and Bradee McKean