AJHS Arkansas Flag Drawing Contest

Updated: September 7, 2018

Ashdown Junior High 8th-grade history teacher Jamie Fleming held an Arkansas flag art contest and the winners are as follows: 1st Place – Trinity Frye, 2nd Place – Michael McElroy, 3rd Place – Caleb Henry, 4th Place – Allison Wooden and 5th Place – Ashton Thompson; 1st Place – Ally Mills, 2nd Place – Kayla Rooters, 3rd Place – Madi Huddleston, 4th Place – Hanna Isham and 5th Place – Lilyan House. Pictured are (from left are): Madi Huddleston, Ashton Thompson, Hanna Isham, Lilyan House, Ally Mills, Kayla Rooters, Michael McElroy and Allison Wooden. Not pictured are Trinity Frye and Caleb Henry.