Alleene News- March 7, 2019

Mary McGraw and Ethel Baker were in Shreveport, La., for doctor appointment. They received a good report.

Shirley Sikes had an overnight guest, son Doug Simmerman.

Shirley Sike’s surgery was a success.

Bill Gregory of Arlington, Texas was home visiting his mother Mildred Kanakis for a few days.

Babies Ella Jones of Hicks Community and Tucker Haynie of Emmett, Ark. were weekend guests of grandparents Jason and Karen Jones, Aunt Carsen and Uncle Ethan. On Saturday, they enjoyed the day with their granny, Robbie Jones and Aunt Vivian V. Ethan Jones enjoyed the day as well.

Our community has had a growth spurt. Two new families have moved in. Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey, and the other family, I have no ideal. Welcome to our community.

Condolences are sent to Gary and Nancy Tong and the Tong family. Also, brother Dennis Seastrunk and sisters Verna Roberson, Mildred Kanakis, and Lucy Welch and husband Bob;  on the passing of their beloved Dixie Tong.

Stitches has been in our area for a short visit. It is always a pleasure and inspiration for his few minutes of knowledge.

Robbie Jones and Vivian attended the wedding of Megan Hunter and new husband. It was a beautiful affair.

We learned recently of the passing of our good friend Betty Killhan. Her maiden name was Scarborough. Sympathy is sent to her family.

The Gillihan family is sent condolences in the passing of Sandra.

The community building was a place of action last Sunday afternoon. Babies Ella Jones and Tucker Haynie celebrated their birthday. They had their cousin Brandy Wood to join them.  She celebrated her 5th birthday. Everyone enjoyed the babies. Ella and Tucker are grandchildren of Jason and Karen Jones. Brandy Wood is the daughter of John Wood.

Saturday, Robert Jone’s wife, Laura and twins Amy and Robert II; plus Robbie Jones all of this community, and Julia Harmeyer of Foreman were in Magnolia for the first birthday of Adeline Dodd- granddaughter and great granddaughter. A report was “All enjoyed the birthday.”

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