Alleene News

Updated: June 8, 2018

By Vivian V. Keeney

Dixie Tong has had as guest this week, her son Gary Tong, and grandson Bill Tong, both of Denton, Texas.

Most of us have been busy these past few weeks attending band concerts, track meets, end of school programs, and finally graduation. Our community is blessed to have such a wonderful group of bright and intelligent young people. I am sure most other communities feel the same way about theirs.

Robin North Lopez and husband Daniel of Forney, Texas have been and out of our community these past few weeks on business.

Little miss Adeline Marie Phillips, her mother Holley and great grandparents Bobby and Tommy Keeney, all of Foreman, visited in the home of Vivian V. Keeney. Adeline met her aunts Robbie Jones and Vivian V. Keeney.

Mildred Kanakis, Verna Roberson, Dixie Tong and Lucy Welch were hosts to their nieces, Vennie Ann Raper  Gayla Fooks, both of Irving, Texas, and Reesa Rich of Brighton, Colorado, a few days last week. This was the first time in twenty some odd years since Reesa has been home. The sisters Gayla and Reesa were everywhere and had a blast.

Bill Gregory of Arlington was home with his mother, Mildred Kanakis, a few days last week.

Condolences are sent to the family of Raymond Ray Magby. He passed a few days ago.

Our 46th reunion is behind us. There were 200 people to register with our ladies Wannell and Ethel. These ladies are a pleasure to have on our team. The person(s) who came the longest distance to attend were Morgan Elizabeth Jones Naron and infant son Easton James Naron of Seattle, Wash. They will be moving to Alaska before the year’s end. The oldest non-resident was Bob Welch of Ashdown. The oldest resident was our own Mildred Kanakis. She traveled approximately one block to attend. The youngest non-resident was Adeline Marie Phillips. She hales all the way from Foreman. Her mother, Holley accompanied her. Last and least, but just as important was our youngest resident, Miss Ella Renee Jones. She lives at Jones Camp on the banks of Little River.  Her mother, Emaleigh had to work. Ella accompanied her grandparents Karen and Jason Jones and Brandon Witherspoon.

On Saturday, before the 46th Reunion on Sunday you could see picnics everywhere. Vivian V. Keeney had approximately 40 relatives and friends. If I must say, the food was delicious. All my requests for food was there. My sister-in-law, Bobbie, prepared a sweet potato casserole; niece Jennifer does a delicious squash casserole. Niece Laura made deviled eggs, niece Karen prepared a super delicious chicken n’ dumplings, Niece Morgan prepared a fruit delight, sister Robbie does a awesome kraut salad. Myself, I threw everything else together. Almost forgot, Brookshires Grocery does a great job of fried chicken. Hope I did not forget anyone or anything. Of course, each niece and nephew had their favorite such as potato salad, mac n cheese, baked beans, etc.

Mildred Kanakis was the place for a pizza party. I believe 14 people attended. It was reported the Pizza was delicious and plentiful.

Across the street from Mildred is the Dwanda Rose home. They all enjoyed a crawfish boil, hamburger and hot dog. 24 people attended.

Last, the Mears family reunion was held at the Community Center. Approximately 30 Mears family connection were in attendance. This was the first in several years. All enjoyed potluck and lots of catching up on family.

Edith Wilson of Talco, Texas is here for a few days visting with aunt, Dwanda Rose and family.