Alleene News

Updated: August 10, 2018

By Vivian V. Keeney

Well, folks, the unofficial meeter and greeter at the Will Reed Log Home Museum has now moved on to a bigger and better position. Most of us called her Webster Bodine. She will be missed, but, she now has a home with all she could bark for. Congratulations to the new owners as well as Webster.

There have been many guests in and out of the community since my last reporting.

All our sick ones are on the mend, which is a blessing.

We have had some much needed work done at the Will Reed Museum, thanks to our curator, Gary Tong of Denton, Texas. There is much more to do, donations are needed for these projects. If interested, Gary can be reached through his mother.

Lucy and Paul Scarborough had as weekend guest daughter Shelby, husband Nathan and granddaughter Nellie, all of Arlington, Texas. Saturday night son Christopher, wife Celeste, and grandson, Micha of Ashdown were also there.

Misty Bright and children of Horatio; Abigail Bright, Laken Bright, Ashton Miller and J.T. Miller visited parents and grandparents, J.B. and Brenda Roberson, also great grandmother, Verna Roberson.

Shirley Sikes made a tour to Branson, Mo., with a church group. They went to attend a specific show.

Mary Francis McGraw and Ethel Baker made a business trip to Texarkana on Monday.

Condolences are sent to the Fred Carver family.

The following were dinner guests of Mildred Kanakis last week, son – Hub Gregory of Arlington, Texas; Gary Tong of Denton, Texas; Gayla Fooks, K.T. and wife, Reid Raper, Caleb Raper, Faith Raper, Claire Grace Raper, all of Irving, Texas; Bob and Lucy Welch of Ashdown; Verna Roberson and Dixie Tong of Alleene. The following day their cousin, Justin Shoemaker treated the Raper clan to a boat ride on Little River. All returned home later that day.

Lucy Scarborough attended the shower for nephew, R.J. Butler and Brittany Sanders, Sunday in Ashdown.

We extend sympathy to Helen Green and family on the passing of Gerald.

Congratulations to Troy and Patsy Carver on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Gary Tong of Denton, Texas visited a few days last week with mother Dixie Tong.

Robin and David Lopez of Forney, Texas were guests of Dixie Tong last week.

Sharla Roberson and daughter Milla of Celina, Texas were Wednesday guests of parents and grandparents J.B. and Brenda Roberson and great grandmother Verna Roberson.