Ashdown Cheer Squads host NCA Cheer Camp

Updated: August 3, 2018

By Ronda Pounds

ASD Public Relations Coordinator

The Ashdown Junior and Senior High Cheer Squads participated on the NCA (National Cheerleading Association) Cheer Camp July 23-25 held at the Helen Parker Gymnasium on the Ashdown Campus.

On the AJHS Squad, Aly Mills, Gracie Young, and Allison Garner received All-American Awards, the squad received first place in the Band Chant Division and sponsors Gerina Ritter and Shonda Wrinkle received the NFHS Squad Credentialing.

The AHS Squad had the entire team nominated for All-American.  Mackenzie White, Autumn Hofmann (Top Overall Cheerleader), Aliyah Anderson, Jaden Altenbaumer, Shalyn Peacock, Brylee Haskins, Colyn Grimes, Chloe Young, Amy Newton, Railee Schmidt, and Emma Wrinkle were chosen for the National Cheerleaders Association All-American Team.  The squad also received the Stunt SAFE Award, Sharpness Award (Stay Sharp for Sophia), Top Team Chant, Top Team Band Chant,  Most Improved Mascot – Brittany Johnson,  Mascot-NCA All American Team, Herkie Award, National Championship Bid, and NFHS Squad Credentialing for sponsor Hope Sallade.

Members of the Ashdown Junior High Cheer Squad are (from left): Front – Allison Garner, Ella Bowman, Caroline Wrinkle, Aly Mills, Hannah Denton, Billye Grace Young, Olivia Ritter, Gracie Young and Chevi Flournoy; Back – Zoie Hurd, Taylor Howk, Ashlee Waller, Kaytlyn Brower, Danya Markham, Makayla Lawson, Audrey Kate Bishop, Kimberly Hendrix, and Nakya Bradley.

Members of the Ashdown High School Cheer Squad are (from left): Front – Aliyah Anderson, Mackenzie White and Autumn Hofmann; Middle – Paxton Parker, Brylee Haskins, Shalyn Peacock, Jaden Altenbaumer and Brittany Johnson; Back – Railee Schmidt, Emma Wrinkle, Ansleigh Patrick, Ebony Hawkins, Raeleigh Grimes, Colyn Grimes, Davina Gaines, Amy Newton, Sarah Huddleston, Kaylee Welborn, and Chloe Young.