Cranford seeks another term

Updated: January 5, 2018

Special to the Little River News

Little River County Judge Mike Cranford formally announced on Tuesday that he will be seeking a third term as county judge in the 2018 election.

“Since January 1, 2015, I have had distinct honor of serving as county judge for you, the citizens of Little River County,” Cranford said. “Being your county judge has been one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling experiences of my professional life. Each day I have faced the obstacles before me head-on, with common sense and with what is best for all of Little River County in mind.

“Today, I am asking you for the opportunity to continue to serve as your county judge with the same dedication I have exhibited for the last three years,” Cranford continued. “Your vote, support and especially your prayers are greatly needed and much appreciated.”

The Primary will be held May 22 and the General Election will be Nov. 6.