Donations given to ASD to display ‘In God We Trust’

Updated: March 9, 2018

Bro. Jim Cross, pastor at Ashdown and Richmond Methodist Churches, holds one of the plaques stating “In God We Trust.” Thanks to Cross and the two churches, plaques like this one will be hung in every classroom in the Ashdown School District. Pictured with Cross is District 4 State Representative DeAnn Vaught and Ashdown Superintendent Jason Sanders.

By Ronda Pounds

ASD Public Relations Coordinator

Bro. Jim Cross and the Ashdown and Richmond First United Methodist Church donated money which enabled the Ashdown School District to purchase posters and frames to display “In God We Trust” in each classroom in the district. After the posters and frames were purchased, the balance was donated to the Margaret Daniel Foundation for teacher grants.

“We are excited to be able to show our trust in God to our students and faculty with this powerful reminder that God is with us,” Cross said. “Ashdown and Richmond United Methodist Churches are proud of the Ashdown School District while trusting that God’s protective hands will cover our schools daily.”

District 4 State Representative DeAnn Vaught was a strong supporter of Act 911 2017 which allows the display of our National Motto in classrooms.
“At the Capitol we tend to have to make some very tough votes,” Vaught said. “But the vote to allow ‘In God We Trust’ in all public buildings was a super easy vote. What a great way to bring God back into our schools and a sense of patriotism. Something this country truly needs. Thank you Ashdown Schools for participating in this overwhelming movement in Arkansas.”

Ashdown Superintendent Jason Sanders was very appreciative to Cross and the two churches.

“I would like to thank Bro. Jim Cross for helping us with the financial donations for our posters,” Ashdown Superintendent Jason Sanders said. “We are excited to put the Arkansas flag, United States flag, and the ‘In God We Trust’ motto in each classroom in our school district.”