Foreman council bans door-to-door in city limits

Updated: June 8, 2018

By Quinton Bagley

Little River News

The Foreman City Council held its monthly meeting on Monday, May 21, at the Foreman Community Center.

Following the approval of the April minutes and financial report, Mayor Judy Adams presented information on the City-Wide Clean-up which was held June 4-9. Following a brief discussion, Councilman Donald Gauldin stated he would like to help sponsor the clean-up also. Adams then presented additional information on the mosquito spraying discussed at the last meeting. After the additional information and costs were discussed, the matter was tabled.

The monthly report for April from the Little River County Sheriff’s Office was presented and reviewed. Deputies patrolling Foreman traveled 3,130 miles during the month. There were 50 calls for service, two disturbance calls, two theft calls, one burglar call, three medical calls, and seven suspicious person calls. Three felony arrests, two misdemeanor arrests, two warrants were served and 31 warnings and 12 citations were issued. Four doors were found unlocked. Fines for the month totaled $2,902.26. The Council members thanked the officers for their services.

Following the report from the Sheriff’s Office, the Water Department made its report. Superintendent Eddie Smith reported there were two citations or non-compliance letters received this month on wastewater. Discussion followed and Eddie reported no consequence regarding the letters with explanation.

Under Unfinished Business, Ordinance 325 was read for the second reading. Adams reported that the tractor/brush hog used with the Street Department was getting old and in need of replacing as had been discussed in previous meetings. Councilman Bill Harp and Smith have been working and trying to repair the tractor, but reported that it might not remain useable too much longer. Following a discussion, Adams suggested that the City perhaps should be thinking of replacing the tractor/brush hog. The Council suggested the City should begin pricing and looking at tractor costs for next meeting’s presentation and in case of emergency.

Under New Business, Adams presented new information on the old Regions Bank building for sale. The Council approved the Mayor working with the realtor and trying to negotiate the best price possible if the price has been dropped on the building. Adams stated that since the building has been vacant for some time now, perhaps a better purchase price might be available. The City could use the building if purchased for recruiting a new business possibly. All council members agreed.

Discussion was opened by Adams concerning door-to-door sales within the city limits. Adams reported that city residents are left unprotected from unknown companies coming in to sale door-to-door.

Recently several calls have been received at City Hall regarding this issue. Adams presented an ordinance for review and adoption to make it unlawful for any individual, or peddler business to sell products door-to-door in the city limits of Foreman. Under an Emergency Clause, Councilman Perry Young made a motion to adopt Ordinance 327. Gauldin seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously to adopt the ordinance making it unlawful to sell anything door-to-door in the City.

With no further business before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.

A special called meeting of the Foreman City Council was held on Wednesday, May 30, at the Foreman Community Center.

The meeting was called to discuss purchasing a 70hp New Holland tractor, a 12 foot brush hog, with a front-end loader for the Street Department. The tractor currently in use has been in frequent repair lately and has been unable to keep up with the City’s work needs.

Adams stated numerous tractor brands have been looked at and comparative pricing of tractors for the City’s needs have been conducted and the tractor of choice is the New Holland tractor. The lease purchase price for the tractor, brush hog and front-end loader is $47,401.90 for cost to own. A lease purchase estimated monthly payment is 987.52 for 48 months at 6.50 APR. This was offered by Texarkana Tractor Company in DeKalb, Texas. This price was less than prices in Texarkana for same or similar tractors.

After discussion, Harp made a motion to proceed with a lease purchase of the tractor and needed attachments for $47,401.90 approximately. Young seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Adams stated that due to the emergency need of the tractor, she would proceed with the purchase as quickly as possible. Council members agreed the tractor would be purchased through the Street funds account.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

The next regular Council Meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Monday, June 18.