Foreman Council moves forward with plans to purchase old Regions Bank building

Updated: August 3, 2018

By Quinton Bagley

Little River News

The Foreman City Council held its monthly meeting on Monday, July 16, 2018, at the Foreman Community Center. Following an opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the meeting got underway.

The first order of business was the presentation of the minutes of the June meeting for approval or correction. No corrections or additions were made. Councilwoman Alana Cody made the motion to approve the minutes as presented and Councilman Bill Harp seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The Financial report for June was presented for review and approval. After a brief discussion, Councilman Perry Young made a motion to approve the report, Harp seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Mayor Judy Adams reported that she had ordered the bleachers for the basketball area as had been requested. She stated the bleachers were three rows and was 15 feet long and would hold 30 individuals.

Adams reported she would like to reapply for the Arkansas Highway Grant program for city street improvements for the future drawings and awards, and requested the Council’s approval.

It was reported during the meeting that deputies with the Little River County Sheriff’s Department traveled 2,820 miles and responded to 45 calls for service during the month of June. There were four disturbance calls, one theft call, four welfare checks, two accident calls, four animal complaints, and three suspicious person calls. Fines for the month totaled $2,545. Adams and the Council members thanked the deputies and department for their services.

Next, there was some discussion on the Recreation Park regarding future plans being discussed for the new ball fields for pee-wee ball, and a concession stand and restrooms. Young and Adams cautioned the park commissioner and members about changing the original plans without approval from the Parks and Tourism Commission. It was reported that the original plans were redesigned by an engineer, but had not been submitted for approval from the Parks and Tourism Commission. Without approval of the changes, the city could be required to refund part of the original grant funds.

Under Unfinished Business, Adams presented the inspection report which was recently performed on the old Regions Bank building. A general discussion followed. She stated $1,000 for the escrow account had been accepted by Regions and had been wired along with required documents. The inspection report was reviewed and accepted and Adams was informed to proceed with the purchase. Young made the motion to proceed with Harp seconding the motion. Motion carried. Adams stated closing shouldn’t take too long and the purchase would be complete.

Under New Business, a general discussion followed regarding the City’s IDC account. Adams stated that she had found a structural engineering consultant with Design Build Consultants to assist with the properties being donated to the City. The consulting firm would be able to discuss how the City should proceed with either demolishing and removal or designing new purposes as discussed. She did not have information regarding the costs for their services yet, but would get additional information and contact and consult with the council members regarding this information. All council members approved of the next steps. Councilwoman Helen Dixon made the motion to proceed as discussed with Cody seconding. The motion carried.

With no further business before the Council, the meeting was adjourned.

The next regular Council Meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Monday, August 20.