Foreman Gator Success

Updated: March 9, 2018

Students from Oscar Hamilton Elementary were recognized February 20, 2018 by the Foreman School Board for their participation in a Reading Fair. The Reading Fair competition is an annual event at the De QUeen Mena Co-Op where students compete against other schools in our Co-Op area. The students at OHE compete within our school district for the opportunity to attend this event. We, at OHE, are very proud of our students for successful participation in this event.
Pictured are (from left): Front – Mario Gonzalez (4th grade), Caden Smith (4th grade), Abby Jamison (4th grade); back – Kaylie Broomfield (6th grade), Jason Trim (6th grade), Lucy Jackson (6th grade), Jade Hardwrick (6th grade), Zoee Keeney (6th grade), Tillye Olivella (6th grade), and Carly Martin (4th grade).
Not pictured: Madison Click (4th grade), Kaden Segraves (5th grade), Abby Shirron (5th grade), Jarred Baker (5th grade).