GET-OUT-N-JUMP event a big success

Updated: June 22, 2018

Special to the Little River News

GET-OUT-N-JUMP was a community event and fundraiser sponsored by Joy City Kids, the children’s church of City of Joy International Ministries located 490 S. Beech St., in Ashdown, Ark.

The event took place Saturday, June 16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It was quite warm but still a lot of fun. Families brought their kids from Ashdown and Texarkana. It was a day of lots of jumping to say the least. From bounce houses, to jump ropes, to jumping jacks if it had the word jump in it they did it. Free hot dogs, chips and water was served to everyone.

Many local businesses in Ashdown and Texarkana partnered with Joy City Kids and City of Joy to provide giveaways and donated cases of water.

“As a Senior Pastor, to see things come together from a vision that the Lord shows you in the spirit, for it to come to life in the natural is priceless,” Pastor Cornelius White said. “I want to thank my amazing wife, Brandyn White, our Children’s Pastor of Joy City Kids, our Community Relations Coordinator, Patricia Castillo, all the staff of City of Joy International Ministries and members for your hard work that made GET-OUT-N-JUMP a special and successful one.

“With the many challenges that children have from diabetes, childhood obesity and mental health issues we wanted to encourage playtime outside instead of inside on gadgets and games,” White said. “To all of our business sponsors….GREAT JOY to you and your businesses for believing in our community event GET-OUT-N-JUMP; for your support whether financial, if you made a donation of any kind, to all of the amazing volunteers and new families we met, thank you.

“Thank you to the Ashdown Police Department for allowing Officer Simmons to come and visit with our kids it was amazing,” White continued. “Thanks to Wells Fargo of Ashdown for sending Jack the Dog to visit with us. Special thanks to Bethany Barney of the U of A Division of Agriculture County Extension Office, 4-H and Yoga 4 Kids for doing an absolute amazing job with our kids as well as volunteering throughout the day.

“Special thanks to, Jill Adams Turner, our City Council Representative and her husband, Michael, for their amazing contribution, connections and efforts to make our event a SUCCESSFUL one,” White said. “Thank you Mayor James Sutton and the Ashdown Street Department for allowing us the liberty to block off the street to keep our kids safe.

We are so thankful again to every business in Ashdown that helped us; the Lord bless your business 1000 times,” White continued. “With God’s grace we’re already preparing for next year to be bigger and better. That’s right, we are shifting our strategy from this year’s theme GET-OUT-N-JUMP to next years – JOY FEST 2019! Again thank you to everyone that participated.”

Anyone interested in being part of JOY FEST 2019 next year, either as a business or as an individual, please email us at put in the subject line ‘Joy Fest 2019.’

To learn more about City of Joy International Ministries visit its website