It’s Like This

Updated: June 29, 2018


can you buy wellbutrin online By Bob Palmer

THE US Supreme Court did the right thing in ordering e-tailers to collect state sales tax from their on-line customers, even when the seller does not have a brick and mortar store in that state.

Amazon, Walmart and other web retailers sell million (billions?) of dollars’ worth of goods and services every day that would normally be taxed if you picked up that tube of toothpaste at the mom and pop on the corner rather than waiting for UPS to deliver. It’s tax money states can ill afford to lose.

While this new revenue source will find worthy purposes funding schools, highways and state troopers, the folks working under the capitol dome should not try to keep it all. Some of this money needs to be shared with municipalities who have also seen their sales tax stream decrease due to on-line entrepreneurs.

You might want to talk about what would be a fair split with your state representative or senator, the next time you both reach for a drumstick at the church social.



1. Santa Anna takes a nap.

2. Roberto De Vicenzo signs the wrong scorecard and loses the 1968 Masters.

3. Dick Nixon fails to freshen his shave before going on television to debate Jack Kennedy.

4. Melania Trump boards a plane to visit caged children wearing a coat with “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back.

Apparently, no one can tell Melania what to do or not do, but what may be a trendy fashion statement in NYC, really was out of place in this case. The First Lady should immediately issue a statement. She could start by quoting De Vicenzo.

“What a stupid I am,” De Vicenzo told the press.


INIE OR OUTIE? While waiting for my car to be inspected, a man came in wanting an oil change for his Seat. Apparently, a Seat is the Spanish National car. Not surprised I had never heard of it, but the garage owner hadn’t, either.

Later, a friend, whose father had worked in Spain and owned a Seat station wagon, told me the Spanish called the vehicles “Ombligos.” That’s the Spanish word for navel, because everybody has one.


THE LEVEL OF tribalism in this country greatly concerns me. We associate more and more, both on line and in the real world, with only those who already share some common descriptor.

Certainly, we want to stay in contact with family members, college chums, high school buddies, and fellow church members, but if we allow our comfort with the known to exclude contact with those whose names have more vowels or whose Facebook photo does not resemble ours, we risk shallowness and a blinker mentality.

When it comes to politics, too many seemingly just look for their team and add their “amen.” If they have self-identified and a liberal or a conservative, too often they simply go with the flow determined by some grand poohbah of their persuasion.

I suppose it does not come as a shock to you that many prefer the ease and comfort of not having to think for themselves, but I hope you agree it is not a healthy trend.


JOKE DE JOUR: Why did the mushroom go to the party?

Because he was a fungi.

If you don’t get it, read it aloud.