Little River County 4-H Community Garden

Updated: June 1, 2018

By Bethany Barney

County Extension Agent

Community Gardens have been around for centuries. Villages and societies have been using them to help all members of their community have access to fresh vegetables. That is what Little River County 4-H’ers are trying to accomplish.

Little River County 4-H’ers have been hard at work trying to get the Community Garden up and growing. Last spring they took on the garden project, since then they have spent numerous hours weeding, refilling beds with soil, and creating new garden beds.

Most of the raised beds are constructed from used tires donated by Ashdown Tire Center, Frog Bowman, and 4-H families. 4-Hers painted the tire beds vivid colors to help brighten the area around the Farmers’ Market.

This year the garden has a tomato demonstration, herbs, squash, sunflowers and a few other vegetables alongside ornamental plants. Sherry Beaty-Sulliva

n, Little River County Agriculture agent has planted a blackberry variety demonstration in the garden area, as well.

For access to the fruits, vegetables, and herbs please contact us at the Little River County Extension Office at 870-898-7224. All produce will be free, but since some are on a research trial we need to collect weights on the produce we harvest.

Mary Vermeer studies weeds she pulled from raised beds at Community Garden.

4-Hers Hailey Wright and Caylee Turner weeding Community Garden beds.

4-Hers Caylee Turner and Andy Lopez shovel soil to fill the raised beds at the Community Garden.