LRC to employ Intermodal Development Coordinator

Updated: March 9, 2018

Courtesy of Emily Newlin

UA Cossatot Media Relations

The University of Arkansas Cossatot announces its intention to hire a Coordinator of Intermodal Design and Economic Development for Little River County.

Once in place, this person will initiate, develop, and support economic development activities in Little River County, with specific importance placed on developing the Intermodal Project in Little River County. This includes site development, researching legislative opportunities, bond issues, housing development, and other economic development activities. The position is posted at and has a tentative start date of April 8, 2018.

“The first major project for this person will be to help complete the Intermodal Authority project, which is already underway but needs that final push to get it across the finish line,” Chancellor Steve Cole said. “This person will have the drive and energy to finish the intermodal project and move the county culture to one that allows businesses and industries that are already here and those who locate here to prosper.”

While the new coordinator will be housed on the UA Cossatot campus in Ashdown, their work will be countywide. Among qualifications for the position is the ability to understand and develop intermodal projects. The coordinator must also live in Little River County.

“We have already piloted an effort similar to this in Sevier County, and based on the early success of that effort, we thought this would be a perfect fit to finish the Intermodal Design project and then follow up by being the overall coordinator of economic development in Little River County,” said Cole.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) endorses this project and has offered their expertise and insight to ensure its success. The criteria and application process for this position is posted at www.cccua.ed/jobs.