Millwood Lake Fishing Report – Feb 12

Updated: February 14, 2018

The Overall Picture:
As of Monday, Feb. 12, the lake level is approx 6 inches above normal conservation pool and steady at 259.7 ft-msl; and there is current of approx 2,800 CFS in Little River according to the USACE.  The tailwater as of Monday is approx 229.8 ft-msl. Water temps have improved over the past week. No ice observed last few days, check lake level of Millwood Lake on our website helpful links page, or at the US Army Corps of Engineers website for updated gate release changes and inflow rates with rising and falling lake levels and conditions.

NO-WAKE ZONES are in effect at both, northern and southern, ends of White Cliffs Campground on the river, and marked with river buoys. Be advised, no tolerance of boat wakes within the marked area, is being enforced by AGFC along the river.

Surface temps as of Monday, are ranging near 40ºF early to 45ºF range later under full sun, depending on location. Continue to use caution in navigation on Little River and Millwood watching for broken or floating timber.

Clarity and visibility are mostly stained heavy in places, especially current rolling, up river. The main lake and lower sections of Little River are not quite as stained or muddy as the northern sectors. As of Monday on main lake structure away from current, clarity & visibility is moderate stain, ranging approx 3-5 inches. Little River’s visibility ranges 2-5 inches with heavy to moderate stain, depending on location and current. The oxbow’s clarity currently ranging approx 8-12 inches depth of visibility depending on location. Clarity and visibility can change dramatically on Millwood in just a few hours with high winds, rain, or thunderstorms.

To volunteer for one of the cleanup dates or ramp and USACE park information, contact Tony Porter at the Millwood Tri-Lakes Project Office. To receive project updates, daily lake level information updates, gate release flows, tailwater information, park and campground information, or volunteer, call the US Army Corps of Engrs toll-free Millwood Project  information line at 888-697-9830 or the US Army Corps of Engineers’ main number to verify another Corp of Engineers project is open, at 877-444-6777. Call the Millwood State Park at 870-898-2800. Call the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for an officer, biologist, or to report AGFC regulation violation at 800-482-9262. Also reach the US Corps of Engineers at 870-898-3343 for more information.

The Details:
Largemouth Bass: Largemouth’s activity continue typical, and mostly routine slow cold water, winter patterns. Bass remain slow, but better and fair on full sun/warm days, from 2-3 lbs each, up to 6 pounds, best during the heat of the day, using Carolina Rigs, slow moving swim baits or suspending jerkbaits, dead-sticking Senkos and Trick worms on a light wire hook for suspended Bass. Smithwick Rouges and other suspending hard jerk-baits and slow-rolling heavy spinnerbaits in and near creek channels, where any remaining vegetation and lily pads stems are taking a few stragglers. Heavy, large, 3/4 or 1oz Rat-L-Traps, Bomber Fat Free Shads crankbaits, or slow rolling heavy 3/4 War Eagle spinnerbaits deep in the creeks, over the past few weeks will pick up a random contender in the 4-6 pound class using any pumpkinseed, brown/orange craw, or tan and red crawfish pattern for cranks, and spot remover or white/chartreuse for the spinnerbaits, in the creek channels or along points where feeder creeks dump in to the river.  The had to be a really slow roll or stop and go type retrieve to entice a bite for the past couple weeks, on Millwood. Big, slow moving swim baits, stop and go retrieved, are randomly picking up a few nice contenders in the 4-5 pound class in deeper creeks and ditches.

Further up river and into the oxbows away from muddy Little River current seemed to hold a few reactive bass, and the clearer water near standing timber is several degrees cooler than the dirty/stained water sections closer to the river. The back of the oxbows definitely have the best water clarity, yet the most lethargic bass. The big and heavy 3/4 or 1oz knock-N Rat-L-Traps in Natural Craw, Creole Craw, Red Chrome, or Rayburn Red Zombie colors with a super slow retrieve, continue sporadically working, near standing timber on points in backs of the oxbows and deflecting off stumps and standing timber, from 8-12 feet deep, and were taking a few 14-17″

Bass away from the River, where better water clarity was located without current. Also, heavy 3/4oz War Eagle Spinnerbaits continue working cypress trees from 9-12 feet deep, best colors drawing reactions over the past couple weeks being Spot Remover, or White/Chartreuse and FireTiger.

Magnum fat, tube jigs like Gizzits with internal rattles, continue working most anywhere, in clear or the heavy stain water areas, where stumps, timber, and any vegetation remains. Internal glass or brass, heavy knocking rattles are helping the bass locate the lure in the stained water clarity. Bluegill, purple smoke, black neon, or pumpkinseed/chartreuse were getting the best reactions over the past 3-4 weeks, the darker colors seem to draw better reactions in the more stained water areas

Real Deal Kustom Tackle jigs with a heavy craw worm trailer are picking up random, solitary Bass on Cypress trees and knees from 8-11 feet deep. Black/blue/purple, black/red, or Texas Craw were the go-to colors all with a black or green pumpkin craw trailer. Texas rigged, Berkley 10″ Power worms in Black, Blue Fleck, and Black Grape, slowly crawled by stumps and timber, are catching a few 15-18″ Bass.

White Bass: Whites and Hybrids disappeared a few weeks ago, no report.

Crappie: Still remain slow, almost completely shut off with the increase of muddy water and current upriver, last week, no reported improvement this week.

Cats: No Report, there weren’t many catfishermen out on the lake that we ran into.

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