Neeson seeks a first term as District 2 JP

Updated: March 9, 2018

Special to the Little River News

Jeff Neeson announced earlier this week that he will be running for the District 2 Justice of the Peace.

“Citizens, businesses, and potential prospective businesses face tax and regulatory burdens that make Little River County a financially difficult place to afford to live, shop, remain in business, or start a business,” Neeson said. “As a result of ever increasing taxes, the people understandably struggle to trust county government with their money as many struggle with other costs increasing thus forcing difficult choices.

“The 10.75% total sales tax in Ashdown is just .5% away from the highest in the state,” Neeson continued. “Being in such close proximity to Texarkana and New Boston with their much lower tax rates, Little River County is already at a great tax disadvantage of 2.5%. Certainly the 2% sales tax assessed by the city of Ashdown amplifies this issue and Ashdown businesses shoulder much of this burden by having to lower profit margins in order to counteract the higher tax rate.

“The close proximity to Texarkana and New Boston could play in favor of the county if the taxes and regulatory burdens were more welcoming to those who wish to expand their business or start a business in the county,” Neeson continued. “Ways exist to lower the total tax burden in the county which must be identified to keep businesses here and be a place where business can start. A close examination of the costs of providing services to the people and finding inefficiencies is required of the county must occur in order to lower taxes while not adversely affecting those services. These and other challenges face county officials and I would appreciate your support as we work together to return Little River County back to the people.”

The Primary will be held May 22 and the General Election will be Nov. 6.