No contest for Gators

Updated: September 15, 2018

By Quinton Bagley

Little River News

While Foreman planned on earning a victory over Parker’s Chapel last week in the Gators’ home opener, Mother Nature had a different idea. After a hot start that led to a 21-point lead, inclement weather caused a premature ending to Friday night’s contest.

“I thought that we came out hungry and a little angry Friday night against Parkers Chapel,” Foreman head coach Mark King said. “We played with a lot more heart on Friday which was good to see. I know the kids were ready to atone for their first performance against Smackover. I thought that we were really sharp and focused on offense, especially with the bad weather and it didn’t seem to bother our kids at all.

“We were a little too aggressive on the defensive line,” King continued. “We ran up field a little too much and gave them a few running lanes. But over all I was very pleased with how our team played on Friday just disappointed that we didn’t get to finish the game. Our kids were very disappointed as well. Unfortunately it will go down as a no contest.”  The Gators ran the ball 13 times for 150 yards in the first quarter and scored three times before the game was haulted.

Foreman, who hasn’t played a complete game in nearly three weeks, now prepares for this week’s match-up with long-time rival Horatio.

“Horatio is coming off a disappointing loss to Murfreesboro and will be very fired up to redeem their selves,” King said. “They didn’t play very well against the Rattlers and had five turnovers which was the difference in that game. This is a big rivalry and they want nothing more than to come over to the Swamp and beat us. Our kids are looking forward to playing the Lions this week.”

The Lions’ offense is very familiar to Foreman.

“On offense they run the flexbone triple option a lot like us,” King said. They don’t run the no-huddle like we do but they run a lot of the same plays and schemes as we do.”

Defensively, Horatio is constantly in attack mode.

“On defense they base out of a 3-3 stack and they are stunting on every play, they are very active on defense,” King said. “They will give us several different fronts and stem around with their front six or seven trying to cause confusion. They seem to get a lot of people to the football.”

If playing a rival game is not enough, it is also Homecoming for Foreman, which brings with it a whole new set of distractions.

“It is Homecoming Week and we have a lot of activities going on and we will have to take care of our business everyday to get a win,” King said. “We tell the kids to have fun with all their activities but to remember its all about the game. All the other stuff is fun but if we don’t concentrate and practice hard and win the game nothing else matters.”

On a side note, the Gators did get some good news last Friday. The Smackover Buckaroos who defeated Foreman in the first game of the season, had to forfeit the win making the Gators 1-0 on the season instead of 0-1.

Kick-off for Friday’s game is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the Swamp. Homecoming festivities at the stadium are scheduled to begin a 6:30 p.m.