Short agenda before QC

Updated: March 16, 2018

By Quinton Bagley

Little River News

The Little River County Quorum Court had a short agenda Monday when it held its monthly meeting at the Little River County Courthouse Annex.

Following prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by JP Gene Smithson, the Court approved the minutes of the February meeting as well as the financial report.

The Court then approved Ordinance No. 0-2018-3 which was an amendment to Appropriation Ordinance No. 0-2017-15 that was passed in November 2017.

Following the approval of the ordinance, the Court heard from Little River County Sheriff Bobby Walraven. Walraven reported the Sheriff’s Office had 28,842 miles driven in February and had used 2,230.8 gallons of fuel at a cost of $5,055.86.

Walraven reported that the Sheriff’s Office had 315 calls during the month of February. He also stated that the department had issued 64 tickets, 69 warnings, made 11 felony arrests, 20 misdemeanor arrests, served 20 warrants, worked 20 accidents and assisted other agencies 100 times.

Walraven also reported that during February the county had 16 inmates housed in Sevier County and seven housed in Miller County. The out-of-county housing cost was $11,795. The Sheriff’s Department also drove 2,798 miles transporting prisoners.

Walraven also stated that the Collector’s Office had taken in $33, 508.13 in bonds and fines during February. Also during the month, the Collector’s Office also took in $64, 560.31 in delinquent personal and real property taxes, $6,513.61 in delinquent solid waster fees and $7,679.40 in miscellaneous fees.

Following the Sheriff’s report, Little River County Judge Mike Cranford made his report to the Court. He first answered a question that JP Billy Bob Pounds asked concerning an air conditioner in the Little River County Annex Building. Cranford told Pounds that he was aware of the problem but was waiting to see if the building was going to be remodeled for the USDA or not. He stated that he didn’t want to spend money on an air conditioner now that would have to be replaced by a bigger unit in a few months.

Cranford stated that work has begun to the Flat Creek Bridge on LR 19. He stated that depending on the weather, he anticipated work to be completed in less than two weeks. He went ahead to say that once that project was completed that work will begin on LR 59.

Cranford also told the Court that a contract has been awarded to C&F Paving for a State Aid project on LR 21. Funding is tentatively approved for early summer 2018.

Cranford said that he anticipated a pre-construction conference for the sidewalk project at the Courthouse and Foreman library to be held very soon.

Cranford told the Court that the Courthouse lighting conversion to LED’s was going good and the work was approximately 90 percent complete.

The last act of the Court before adjournment was selecting JP Charles Henderson as the county’s representative to the Association of Arkansas Counties.

With no further business before the Court, the meeting was adjourned.

The Little River County Quorum Court meets the second Monday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Little River County Courthouse Annex.