Specialized Ministry comes to Foreman Methodist Church

Updated: June 29, 2018

Special to the Little River News

NOMADS’ renovation underway at Foreman UMC.

Old walls came down and new, more useful spaces were created recently at the Foreman United Methodist Church when the NOMADS came to town and renovated the fellowship hall and restrooms of the church. The NOMADS are retirement age Methodists officially known as “Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service,” but according to team leaders, Linda and Jerrel Fielder from Powhatan, they like to joke that they are “Nice Old Methodists Actually Doing Something” or “Nice Old Methodists Avoiding Deep Snow.”

The NOMADS provided the labor for the project, while the church paid for the materials needed. The renovation came about through the efforts of Pastor Kathryn Burchfield making an application to NOMADS, followed by a church visit to make sure that the desired project was one that the NOMADS could do. The renovation was approved and then listed on the NOMADS website whereby any NOMAD volunteer from across the country could sign up to participate.

“NOMADS can come from almost every state in the USA and some from Canada,” said Linda Fielder. “We have a few over 1000 members and we are all RVers who love to travel and do God’s work. We do not necessarily know each other before we arrive on the project, but in a very short few hours, we are family.

“The NOMADS work for any Methodist Agency, Camp, Church, or Children’s Homes, and in community outreach if sponsored by a local Methodist Church,” Fielder added. “We also do disaster rebuilding in states where the United Methodist Conferences invite them in after disasters such as tornadoes, fires, floods, and hurricanes.”

The team that worked daily for three weeks to complete the renovation were the Fielders from Powhatan, Tim and Cathy Bussen from Dublin, Ohio; Bill and Kathy Waters from Hayesville, N.C.; and Mark Mulder and Lisa McCurdy from Shreveport, La.

The renovated fellowship hall will now provide the church with a better place for its own ministries: Celebrate Recovery which meets every Tuesday night at 5:30 pm, Soup and Sermon, and Pumpkin Patch, among others.