What’s Happening at Millwood State Park

Updated: June 8, 2018

Friday, June 8:

Animal Myths   4:30-5:15 p.m.

Have you ever been told that juvenile snakes are more venomous than adult snakes? Or has your mother ever told you that you are blind as a bat? Join a park interpreter to discuss the myths about some of the local animals and take a guess at what is true or false. Meet at the day use are across from campground A.

Plants Strike Back   6-6:30 p.m.

Plants have a wide array of defense mechanisms from chemical attacks to an abundance of thorns. Join a park interpreter for a lesson in the ways plants fend off insects and other bothersome grazers. Meet at the trailhead parking lot.

Waterfowl Way Hike   7:15-8:45 p.m.

Waterfowl Way hiking trail has a large variety of natural features and wildlife. Join a park interpreter for this 1.5-mile hike along the shoreline and get a special insight into the ecosystem. Meet at the trailhead parking lot and bring plenty of water and wear good hiking shoes. Bug spray is suggested.

Saturday, June 9:

Millwood Lake Kayak Tour   8:30-10 a.m.

Price; Solo Kayaks $6, Tandem Kayaks $9                                        Marina: 870-898-5334

Kayaking is the perfect way to view nature, quiet and undisturbed. Paddle around part of Millwood Lake with a park interpreter to get the best insight on where to view the local wildlife. We’ll take it slow, so if you are inexperienced, don’t worry. Preregistration is mandatory at the marina or call to make sure you have a spot. Minimum age of six.  Meet at the marina 10-15 minutes early, if possible, for a short orientation. Be sure to bring plenty of water to drink and wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get wet.

Alligator Antics   1-1:45 p.m.

Have you seen an alligator while visiting Millwood State Park? The odds are in your favor! Join a park interpreter for a program all about alligator antics. We’ll talk about what to look for and what to do if you spot one of these modern day dinosaurs. Meet at the pavilion across from the marina.

Microscopic Mayhem   3-3:45 p.m.

There are millions of tiny objects that make up the world around us: some things we can see, but most we can’t. Join a park interpreter to see how the world around you will grow when you see things on a microscopic scale. We will look at some prepared slides under the microscope and even make a few slides of our own. Meet at the day use area near the playground.

Sunday, June 10:

Beginning Bird-watching   9-10 a.m.

Millwood Lake is designated as an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society. If you are interested in learning about and watching birds, but do not know where to start, this program will teach you some techniques. Meet at the pavilion across from the marina.

Furry Facts   11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Join a park interpreter to see some of the furs and skulls of the local animals that inhabit Millwood State Park. You may even meet a few animals that surprise you. Meet at the day use area near the playground.