Citywide clean-up badly needed


By Carolyn Myers

Community Editor

Put trash in bags and bags in the trash cans. Wire bins are great if the trash is contained in them.

According to City Council Member Lorene Pearson, the city-wide clean-up slated for April 13 is badly needed. Driving through the city streets with Pearson, we came across many areas where it seems that the average citizen takes no pride in his surroundings. The unkempt, junky places that sprawl in the midst of so many neighborhoods are eyesores and affect the people who live there, as well as property prices, as most property owners know. Pearson said that the city-wide clean-up is an appeal to everyone to make your property, your home, look nice by keeping the debris and the litter in your area picked up and disposed of all the time. Then take part in the clean-up of the town on Saturday, April 13. If everyone does that, as a result, Ashdown will be a better place to live and raise children.

Pearson said that trash on the roadsides and in the ditches, old furniture that has been just thrown out in the yard, etc. is everyone’s problem. If a person places his trash in a garbage can without a lid and not in a bag, what’s going to happen when the wind blows it over or an animal knocks it over? It’s going to be blown all over the neighborhood. It becomes everybody’s problem. Pearson hopes that everyone will take to heart the need for cleaning up our neighborhoods and come out on April 13 to help with the effort.