Mayor, council urges residents to clean up property


Special to the Little River News

The Ashdown City Council and Mayor James Sutton are urging residents to do some spring cleaning on their property. Keeping Ashdown clean is the responsibility of all city residents.

Ashdown will start immediately enforcing the laws of lot cleanliness and maintenance for all property within the city. It is unlawful for grass, weeds or any other plants which are not cultivated to grow a greater height of 10 inches on an individual lot, tract or parcel. Rubbish, brush, trash, dead trees, building materials or any other objectionable, unsightly and unsanitary matter of whatever nature to accumulate or to be present upon any lot, tract or parcel of land, including junk or abandoned vehicles. The city will not allow the existence of any building or house that in the opinion of the City Council that has become dilapidated unsightly, unsafe, unsanitary, obnoxious or detrimental to the public welfare.

If in violation of Ordinance 662, the individual will receive written notice of such violation by the code enforcement officer, police officer or any other official designated by the City of Ashdown. If the violation is not voluntarily corrected within the time set forth in the notice, the code enforcement officer or official will take legal proceedings, charging the person with the violation of this ordinance. If you have any questions, call Charlie Parker, Code Enforcement Officer, at 870-898-4312.

The sanitation department has started spraying for mosquitoes. They would like to remind citizens to help by emptying any standing water they may have in containers, old flower pots, buckets or tires on their property. It only takes one square foot of one inch or less of standing water to breed three million mosquitoes per day. It would help by keeping any tall standing grass mowed. This would keep the mosquitoes from hiding down in the high grass. Due to the fact our area has had a lot of rain, citizens are asked to pick up any trash they may have laying in their ditches. This will keep the culverts from stopping up.

The city and the citizens working together can make a difference in the spread of mosquitoes and the appearance of our town.